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About the Mag

Here at Last Leaves we believe that poetry is rooted in community. We know that sharing your work can be difficult, so we aim to provide a space where you can be proud of your words and revel in the words of others.

In lieu of poe-jams and coffee shop workshops, we’ve created an online space for the celebration of great poetry. We don’t have a type. Send us your beautiful, send us your raw, send us your quirky, send us your best.

Last Leaves is happy to consider international poetry and art submissions for publication in our magazine! Our editors love seeing work from all over the world.

In the words of a great professor: “Poetry should be a movie you can taste and smell.” We want images and emotion. We want poetry that sticks with us and makes us think and feel. We don’t care if this is your first poem or if you’ve been published 100 times before. Just send us your work!

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