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Last Leaves Editors

Cailey Johanna Thiessen


Cailey Johanna (she/her) is the author of Wilder, a collection of coyote poems. She currently works in academic translation, but has also played as proofreader and content writer. Currently, Cailey lives in downtown Denver with her husband and their French Bulldog Earl. In addition to her own book, you can find her work in 8 Poems, Willard and Maple, Hispanecdotes, and more.


Kiera S. Baron


Kiera S. Baron (she/her) is an all-around creative. She grew up a stone’s throw from waterfalls and spent her childhood hiking in gorges, only to translate those experiences into work that has been published in an array of publications. She's currently working on a novel, along with a slew of poetry books. She has a soft spot for sharp things, like cats and cacti, and finds herself drawn to the moon.


Guest Editors

Maina Chen


Maina Chen (she/her) is a nerd masquerading as an editor and writer in some cavernous corner of Brooklyn. A half-nocturnal night dweller, she writes short stories and poems. When she's not creating monsters, she's battling them in video games. Her work has appeared in Ape-X, Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers, Youth-for-Youth: Mental Health Guidebook, NextShark, and more.

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