The Editors

Cailey Johanna Thiessen

Cailey Johanna is a freelance writer, editor, and translator. Her poetry has been published by Willard & Maple, 8 Poems, Cecile’s Writers, Hispanecdotes, and more. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her engineer husband and not enough houseplants. She has a mild obsession with the axolotl and she’s always planning her next trip.


Kiera S. Baron


Kiera Baron is a freelance writer and editor, as well as a budding digital artist. She loves the nitty gritty of editing—a misplaced coma here, a misspelled name there. Poetry is her language of choice, but she dreams to have a few nonfiction books under her belt some day. She has a soft spot for sharp things (like cats and cacti) and always finds herself drawn to the moon.


Maina Chen

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Maina Chen is a nerd masquerading as an editor and writer in some cavernous corner of Brooklyn. A half-nocturnal night dweller, she writes short stories and poems. When she's not creating monsters, she's battling them in video games. Her work has appeared in Ape-X, Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers, Youth-for-Youth: Mental Health Guidebook, NextShark, and more.