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Theme for Issue 3: MASKS

Masks appear everywhere. Worn to protect, hide, and assimilate, how do you present yourself? How do you think you are received? When you reel yourself back in fear or shame, burrow an unforgettable memory, when a stressful job spills over into your personal life, to hide your pain and anger bubbling just below the surface. What appears when you reach a tipping point, rip it out, strip back the varnish for the world to see? Do you enjoy masks? There's the childlike wonder of knocking door to door for Halloween sweets, pretending to be a superhero. Or has it taken over yourself, and you don't who you are anymore? Send us everything and all that's in between. Show us how the mask blesses and curses you.

PS: We don't just want your covid poems (unless they're phenomenal); get creative!


Please submit your poetry and art via email to

Send 3-5 poems as a single Word (.doc or .docx) attachment. Please start each poem on a new page. Unless crucial to the poem, all work should be in Times New Roman, point 12 font. Send us up to 5 art pieces as .tiff, .jpeg, or .pdf attachments. Do not include your name or contact information in the documents.

Instead, please send a brief bio of up to 50 words in the body of your email. Include your name, your email, and links to your website and/or social media (if desired). For the subject line of your email, write: “Poetry Submission” or “Art Submission.” Each submitter is welcome to submit to both the art and poetry categories. Please include all submissions in one email. If you decide to submit to both categories, write "Poetry/Art Submission" in the subject line.

If submitting multiple poems with corresponding artwork, please send all poems in a single .doc/.docx file and each artwork as its own .tiff, .jpeg, or .pdf file. Then, please note in your email which piece of art corresponds with which poem.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, though please send us a message ASAP if your work is accepted elsewhere. We do not accept previously published work here, though we love reading your Instagram poems on @lastleavesmag.

Please only send one submission per issue and wait until the next reading period to submit again. We hope to respond to each submission within two months. As with most literary magazines, we’re volunteers and doing our best. Please be patient.

For more information on what we publish, check out our editor interviews here and here.

Authors published in our magazine retain full rights to their work to do with as they please following publication of the issue they're in. We simply ask to be credited as first publication (i.e., "Work first appeared in Last Leaves Magazine, Issue X").

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