Last Leaves Magazine is open for submissions during the following periods:

  • Spring issue: December 1st through January 31st

  • Fall issue: June 1st through July 31st.

Our themes for every issue are posted at the beginning of the reading periods, so check back close to the beginning of December or June to see what we're looking for!

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are CLOSED.

Theme for Issue 5: GROWTH

We find ourselves at the end of another season, another spring. Have you changed since the last one? In what ways? For this issue, we want to focus on growth. Tell us about what you’ve learned, what’s changed. Write a poem letter to someone who’s left your life. Dedicate a piece to a part of you that doesn’t exist anymore (for better or for worse). Or talk to us about what’s in your garden. What plants do you grow in containers? What plants sit in the windowsill and what do you say to them when they’re tired? Or tell us how you’re working to grow. Write a goodbye poem to a part of you that you want to move on from. Interpret what growth is to you. Send us your blossoms and your cuttings.


Please submit your poetry and art via email to lastleavesmag@gmail.comFailure to adhere to the guidelines may invalidate your submission. If you have any questions or concerns surrounding the guidelines, please send us an email prior to submitting. We're always happy to help!

Submission guidelines:

  • For poetry: Please put "Poetry Submission" in the subject line. Send up to 5 poems (no more than 10 pages) as a single Word (.doc or .docx) attachment. Please start each poem on a new page. All work should be single-spaced and in Times New Roman, 12-point font.

  • For art: Please put "Art Submission" in the subject line. Send us up to 5 art pieces as .tiff, .jpeg, or .pdf attachments.

  • Do not include your name or contact information in the documents.

  • Submitters are welcome to send work for both categories using the subject line "Poetry/Art Submission," with all documents attached to the same email. This helps us keep all your work in one place.

  • Please include a brief 50-word bio in the body of your email. Include your name as you would like it to appear in the magazine, your email, and links to your website and/or social media (if desired). We will trim the bio as-needed if it exceeds the word count.

  • If you've submitted to us in the past, we kindly ask that you start a new email thread for each submission window (i.e., instead of replying to your previous submission, start a new email with the subject line for the category you're submitting to).

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, though please send us a message ASAP if your work is accepted elsewhere. We do not accept previously published work, but we love reading your poems on Instagram @lastleavesmag.

Please only submit once per issue and wait until the next reading period to submit again. We hope to respond to each submission within two months. As with most literary magazines, we’re volunteers and doing our best. We thank you in advance for your  patience.

For more information on what we publish, check out our editor interviews here and here. At this time, we're unfortunately not able to pay contributors. The PDF version of our magazine will always be free to download here.

Authors published in our magazine retain full rights to their work to do with as they please following publication of the issue they're in. We simply ask to be credited as first publication (i.e., "Work first appeared in Last Leaves Magazine, Issue X").

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